Wednesday, November 7, 2007


The Future Pavilion was realized for the Taiwan Desing Expo 2005 by an international group of architects, writers and artists curated by Marco Casagrande and Nikita Wu for the Taiwan Design Centre.

The highly successfull, but controversial exhibition took place in an abandoned Japanese Army laundry and washing building in Kaoshioung, South-Taiwan.

The Future Pavilion had four topics to deal with the future: Ocean, Urban Nomad, Urban Acupuncture and Organic Layer.

Simultaneously with the Future Pavillion a real-time cross over urban design action was taking place in the streets of the Fong-Shan City of Kaoshioung where an international team of 8 architects were reacting for the hidden energy layers of the Taiwanese urbanism. The Fong-Shan action was curated by Roan Chin-Yueh.